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BioBoost/Lipo-B in Colorado Springs, CO - For Men & Women


BioBoost (Hallandale pharmacy)
$175 as an add on
$210 as a standalone order.

$275 as an add on
$300 as a standalone order.

30 ml vial will last a minimum of 15 weeks.

To see max benefits, we encourage to use the entire contents of the vial. This can be used indefinitely.

What is BioBoost/Lipo-B?

BioBoost/Lipo-B is an enhanced fat-burning lipotropic injectable.

BioBoost/Lipo-B in Colorado Springs, CO, unlike many other medical solutions, is simply a combination of amino acids and various naturally occurring vitamins that many people don’t get enough of.

BioBoost/Lipo-B products are available, the common parts of each product are as follows:

  • B12: A water-soluble vitamin involved in the metabolism that helps the body use fat & carbohydrates for energy & to make new protein.
  • Methionine: An essential amino that speeds up fat removal within the liver & neutralizes toxins, promoting lean muscle growth.
  • Inositol: An essential amino that plays a critical role in metabolic function.
  • Choline: An essential nutrient that helps to regulate memory, mood, muscle control & many other functions.

These ingredients may enhance fat-reduction and general wellness.

BioBoost/Lipo-B, is an injection-based treatment option that delivers the above-specified vitamins and amino acids to targeted areas and the body as a whole.

There are numerous benefits to utilizing BioBoost/Lipo-B injections in Colorado Springs, CO.

It’s a great way to help with weight loss. Since most excess weight that isn’t healthy simply comes from fat deposits, this dramatically helps you cut back on unwanted weight chemically and without taking extreme measures. Of course, it’s not an instant cure-all. It’s still necessary for you to work out and focus on developing a healthy diet.

BioBoost/Lipo-B is also much more than just a weight loss solution, though. Since it provides so many of the vitamins and amino acids that you typically miss with a standard modern diet, it works considerably well as a natural wellness solution.

You’ll experience a better night’s sleep, a healthier body with more lean muscle, less pain, and more energy to get you through your day when you’re taking BioBoost/Lipo-B as prescribed. This makes BioBoost/Lipo-B a great option for people from all walks of life. From athletes who are aging and need to offset the challenges of aging, to those who simply want to lose a bit of weight and live a healthier life.

BioBoost /Lipo-B injections in Colorado Springs, CO are known to be relatively fast-acting, and users tend to notice some results immediately.

Mostly, the immediate results are an energy boost and getting a good night’s sleep the night it is administered. 

Typically, you will notice improvements in your weight loss journey within 2-4 weeks of regularly taking BioBoost/Lipo-B. You won’t immediately reach your weight and fitness goals, but you will notice that your weight loss is far more noticeable at each weigh-in. 

The BioBoost / Lipo-B is taken via injection 1-2 times weekly is recommended intramuscularly. Contact Balanced Hormone Health today to get started.