BPC 157 Peptide Therapy in Des Moines

For Men

What is BPC-157? 

BPC-157 is a unique peptide that is found in a rather unusual place. It’s secreted in the stomach and part of the gastric juices that break down the foods we consume. That doesn’t sound too appealing when you first hear about it, but BPC-157 has proven to be an extremely useful medical solution. 

While not yet FDA-approved, synthetic and recreated BPC-157 solutions in Des Moines are available, and they’re currently used for a large number of reasons. 

Made of 15 amino acids, studies show it helps with a number of common pains, muscle issues, and extremely uncomfortable diseases and conditions. 

Currently, BPC-157 is available in Des Moines in two forms, and it is used similarly to other hormone replacement therapies.

Why Choose the BPC-157 Peptide in Des Moines? 

BPC-157 peptide is used for a number of serious purposes. 

This peptide relieves chronic pain caused by muscle damage and stressed joints in many patients; making it an exceptional pain reliever and pain management solution. 

However, its natural healing properties also allow it to do things other peptides can’t. 

Wounds and torn tissues tend to heal far faster when BPC-157 is implemented into the body, ulcers and bowel problems are relieved even if they’re not fully cured, blood pressure is reduced dramatically, and even serious diseases such as Crohn’s disease can be alleviated by BPC-157

Minor effects also include anti-aging and weight loss properties

Essentially, BPC-157 works as a general hormone therapy to relieve pain and condition symptoms, but it’s also commonly used to facilitate weight loss. 

The reason BPC-157 tends to be extremely popular is because it not only helps with weight loss, but it alleviates many of the symptoms that stem from obesity at the same time. 

For example, an obese person tends to have higher blood pressure, aches and pains from added strain being placed on the musculoskeletal system, and sometimes underlying conditions such as ulcers and bowel problems. 

Since BPC-157 helps you lose weight, and deals with those common side effects of obesity, it makes your weight loss journey far easier to commit to, and results tend to be more reliable. With other solutions, you might not feel as hungry, but if pain, weight-related issues, and other problems are still present, you can still have difficulty committing to regular exercise and developing healthier habits. 

The all-in-one approach is simply more efficient and more likely to result in a successful weight loss journey. 

It’s not entirely focused on weight loss, though. 

Since BPC-157 has such a large list of positive benefits, it’s used on patients suffering from all sorts of conditions. Athletes who regularly suffer serious injuries, those suffering from Crohn’s disease, and those who have generally had to deal with uncomfortable and painful levels of inflammation are all prime patients for BPC-157 therapy. Since it promotes overall wellness, it also stands out as a premium option over less flexible solutions.

BPC-157 Dosing

BPC-157 is delivered via one of two methods depending on your healthcare provider’s determination. It can be taken orally or via a sub-dermal injection. 

Most commonly, the injection delivery method is used, and BPC-157 is provided in vials

Since BPC-157 is not yet FDA-approved, there is no official dosage that works as a general baseline. However, the standard amount prescribed is currently a daily dosage of 400 to 500 MCG of BPC-157 per day. To use the medication most effectively, the dosage is injected under the skin around the area that requires treatment. 

For example, if you’re using BPC-157 to treat an injured bicep, it would be injected into the skin around the bicep. 

Larger injection-based dosages are often split in half and used twice daily. 

However, when treatment isn’t targeted toward one specific part of the body such as in the case of an injury, oral delivery is recommended. In this case, larger dosages are administered. A once-daily dose of up to 1000 MCG is typically recommended. 

During the experimental stage, it is normal for patients to use BPC-157 continuously or in cycles. Contact Balanced Hormone Health today to start your therapy.


Each vial priced at $300

Vial lasts approximately up to 26 days.

If you're a TRT member,
price reduced to $240

To see maximum benefits, we encourage BPC 157 users to utilize the entire contents of the vial. This is not intended to be used indefinitely.