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Tirzepatide Peptide Therapy - Medical Weight Loss for Men & Women


30mg (1 vial) $649
60mg (2 vials) $1250

The 30mg vial lasts approximately 8 weeks following protocol below.
The 60mg vial lasts approximately 12 weeks following protocol below.

Hallandale Pharmacy does NOT ship to: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi 

Disclaimer: BHH sells all medication by the vial NOT by a guaranteed duration of time.

Hallandale Pharmacy Dosing Guidelines (5mg/0.5ml – 3ml vial(s) of Tirzepatide)

WEEK 1 - 4

2.5mg or 25 units per week

WEEK 5-8

5.0mg or 50 units per week

WEEK 9 - 12

7.5mg or 75 units per week

WEEK 13 - 16

10mg or 100 units per week

WEEK 17+

12.5mg or 125 units per week

> 20 WEEKS

15mg or 150 units per week

**The vial of Tirzepatide allows flexible dosing. For example: if you have been on that dose for 2 weeks, and you are still hungry and not having any adverse side effects, you may increase to the next dosage level. If you are NOT very hungry, you are losing weight, and not having any adverse side effects, you can remain at that dose until you have reached your desired weight loss goal.

What is Tirzepatide?

Tirzepatide is a peptide that was initially designed to treat Type-2 diabetes that can be used for weight loss. It replicates the GLP-1 and GIP that are naturally produced in the average body, and it triggers the pancreas to start producing insulin, and that lowers blood sugar levels.

Semaglutide, which is also offered by Balanced Hormone Health, started as a diabetes medicine, but its ability to curb appetite and help with obesity and weight loss led to it being studied as a potential weight loss drug. 

Tirzepatide is a FDA approved once weekly injection for weight loss.

Whether you’re struggling to maintain safe blood sugar levels, or you simply need help with your weight loss journey, Tirzepatide therapy might be a valid option for you.

Tirzepatide can lower blood sugar, reduce hunger, and promote overall health and wellness in a variety of situations. Contact Balanced Hormone Health today to start your therapy.