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Testosterone Replacement Therapy in San Antonio, TX - TRT for Men

TRT Pricing:

Initial month fee is $199

(i.e. $199 for the first month, $124 or $149 for the second and all following months.)

*pay for labs as needed (discounted labs at LabCorp)

Lab Options:

1. Bring your own recent labs or request a free lab script
2. Discounted cash labs at LabCorp through BHH
3. Discounted lab kits and blood spot kits available at a discounted price (these are sent directly to your home)

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What is TRT?

TRT is testosterone replacement therapy, and it is a male-focused hormone therapy in San Antonio, TX.

Most commonly, testosterone replacement therapy is used to counter the effects of aging in men. As a man ages, their natural testosterone production begins to decline rapidly. Even as early as a male’s late 20s, testosterone levels can begin to plummet, but it usually occurs in the mid to late thirties and forties.

There are also certain conditions that can lead to decreased testosterone production. This can result in abnormal testosterone loss at earlier ages or even older men who have maintained higher levels throughout their lives.

In either case, replacing testosterone is key to maintaining a male’s quality of life.

A lack of testosterone can result in minimal sex drive, erectile dysfuntion, lower physical performance, increased weight gain, decreased muscle mass, low energy, brain fog, mood, physical health, and so much more!

  • Build More Muscle Mass
  • Increased Sex Drive
  • More Resilience to Injury
  • Better Cardiovascular Health
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Mental Acuity

First and foremost, testosterone is one of the main reasons you develop muscle easier and faster when you are in your prime. It triggers your muscles to rebuild faster after workouts and causes faster muscle development. As such, you can gain considerable lean muscle mass on TRT.

Another major issue for aging men is the loss of their libido. Testosterone is a major factor in sex drive and sexual health, and TRT allows you to regain your youthful vigor both in terms of sexual interest and performance.

Testosterone causes bone density to increase and that makes you less likely to suffer injuries.

Your cardiovascular health is also tied to testosterone. Not only will you repair some of the damage that has occurred with age, but your general motivation to be more active will boost cardiovascular health considerably.

The immune system is greatly impacted by the use of TRT. As you age, you become more susceptible to various illnesses, because your immune system starts to degenerate. Testosterone works to rebuild your immune system and make it stronger and faster acting. So, you get sick less often, and you fight off illnesses more effectively when you do get sick.

Finally, much of a male’s mental acuity concerns stem from a decline in testosterone. Testosterone helps repair the mind, keep you focused, and promote good mental health. By taking TRT, you are less likely to develop serious mental issues or deal with the common “fog” that accompanies aging in men.

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to testosterone replacement therapy is that patients will have to travel out of their way regularly to receive services at a dedicated clinic or medical facility. That can be impossible with busy work and life schedules, or even travel constraints in many cases.

Telemedicine testosterone replacement therapy makes it an easy process.

While TRT sounds complicated and as if it must be administered by a professional, it’s actually very easy to do at home.

It comes in an injection-based format, and with simple guidance beforehand, anyone can enjoy the benefits of TRT from the comfort of their own home. Contact Balanced Hormone Health today to start your therapy.

TRT therapy can be necessary for a number of reasons.

Primarily, it’s caused by an abnormal loss of testosterone due to aging that leaves men unable to live their lives to the fullest earlier than expected.

Common symptoms that you might need TRT are brain fog, depression, low sperm count, low sex drive, a lack of energy, and working out without gaining noticeable muscle.

If any of those symptoms are present, TRT might be a suitable treatment.

Our medical experts will review all your information and provide an appropriate treatment plan based on current labs, symptoms, and your health goals.

While TRT can be life-changing, a medical professional should make all decisions regarding your TRT treatment. If you’re looking to try TRT, Balance Hormone Health provides qualified lab testing to determine your need and eligibility for TRT.

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