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No hidden fees, just treatment. Here is the BHH way:

Lab Testing for Levels
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A Balanced Plan + Go-Time!
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We get to know you, how you are feeling, discover where you want to be, and we plan together how to get you back to your best. We provide you with more information on our treatment options available, pricing details, and have you fill out a medical questionnaire.

Find out where your current hormone levels are at by having BHH order labs ($100) through a LabCorp location nearest to you, or share your most recent lab results (if within 6 months), or request a FREE script/order to get labs done at any location you choose (this is self pay or have the facility bill your insurance).

You will have a virtual appointment with our nurse practitioner, and together customize a treatment plan that will work for you! Then, the prescription medication is sent directly to your home; you have the freedom to self-administer whenever it is best for you.

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