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Telehealth Hormone Replacement Therapy & Weight loss Treatment

No hidden fees, just treatment. Here is the BHH way:

Introduce Yourself

We get to know you, how you are feeling, discover where you want to be, and we plan together how to get you back to your best. We provide you with more information on our treatment options available, pricing details, and have you fill out a medical questionnaire.

Lab Testing for Levels*

Find out where your current hormone levels are at by having BHH order labs ($100) through a LabCorp location nearest to you, or share your most recent lab results (if within 6 months), or request a FREE script/order to get labs done at any location you choose. *Needed for hormone replacement therapy only

A Balanced Plan + Go-Time!

You will have a virtual appointment with our nurse practitioner, and together customize a treatment plan that will work for you! Then, the prescription medication is sent directly to your home; you have the freedom to self-administer whenever it is best for you.

Can Hormone replacement therapy benefit me?

Both men and women will start experiencing a decline in their hormone levels in their 30s, and most will have significant hormonal decline in their 40s, resulting in unwanted signs & symptoms of low hormone levels/hormone imbalance. But, you don’t have to live with those signs and symptoms, hormone replacement therapy will relieve those unwanted symptoms! BHH can help you optimize your hormones to a more youthful state, and help you feel your BEST!

sex hormone production
Symptoms of low hormone levels/hormone imbalance in both men and women:
⬇️ energy
⬇️ sex drive and performance
Muscle loss
Joint pain
Brain fog
⬆️ fat
Weight gain/trouble losing weight
Depression/mood changes
Hot flashes
Difficulty sleeping (insomnia)
Thinning hair
Skin changes
hormone level symptomsMen and women on HRT report many benefits:
⬆️ strength
⬆️ enenery & endurance
⬇️ reduced anxiety & irritability
⬆️ increased libido
⬇️ reduced body fat
⬆️ increased muscle mass
⬇️ lower cholesterol levels
⬆️ increased HDL (good cholesterol)
strengthens bones
cardiovascular protection
⬆️ increased well being
diabetes prevention
Restful sleep
Live Longer!
BHH specializes in self administered (at home) injectable Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women via TELEHEALTH.
Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for men and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) for women are ongoing treatments to replenish and optimize your hormone levels, so you can be your BEST!

Once you complete our new client forms, have bloodwork done, you will meet with our licensed hormone specialist and work together to customize a treatment plan that is right for you! All of this is done virtually (video call). Then the medication will be shipped directly from our top compounding pharmacies here in the USA to your home!
What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

HRT, or hormone replacement therapy, is a common procedure used to boost hormone production or provide hormones such as estrogen to the body when it’s not being produced normally by the body.

Hormone therapy for women is crucial for various reasons. At advanced ages, the body stops producing estrogen as well as it did during youth, and hormone imbalances cause dramatic health changes both physically and mentally. This leads to reduced sex drive, mood swings, depression, and various other problems that make life difficult to enjoy normally.

Hormone imbalances can also cause issues with reproduction, and HRT can help reverse those issues.

Hormone-related changes also aren’t always age-related, and there can be several causes for it from medications to less common physiological problems that can occur at any time.

While hormone replacement therapy is often necessary to give women control over their lives when necessary hormones stop being produced as needed, it can be difficult to commit to regular HRT due to the cost, travel time required to reach a qualified service provider, and the busy nature of daily life.

Telehealth hormone therapy solves that problem.

Telehealth is an umbrella term used to describe medical services that are provided remotely. This includes but is not limited to, conducting checkups and asking questions over the phone and video chat options, handling simple advisory medical tasks over virtual platforms, and even administering medical care via services that can meet you at home or direct you to nearby resources.

This service makes it possible for those who would otherwise have problems due to travel or time constraints to get the proper medical care they need without having to worry about the challenges that would otherwise prevent that.

Telehealth hormone therapy specifically ensures that patients can receive top-quality hormone replacement, and handle all checkup requirements, from the comfort of their homes.

HRT is critical to help you reclaim control of your health, and help resolve unwanted symptoms that stem from hormone imbalances.

However, it’s not enough to just get HRT. You need to receive your HRT services from a provider who truly understands the impact hormone imbalance has had on your life and your need for top-quality solutions.

That’s Balanced Hormone Health.

Balanced Hormone Health is a telehealth provider of HRT services, and provides a comprehensive list of telehealth services to ensure everyone can receive the hormone replacement services they need. We provide affordable, accessible, all inclusive access to a wide array of medications and services. We also provide extended 1-on-1 consultations and free delivery to your home! This is the Balanced Hormone Health promise!

We start by offering delivery and administration guidance services directly to your door with a focus on only providing the highest quality hormone projects. This ensures that you get the highest quality results possible without having to leave your home.

However, we also maintain a 24/7 telehealth communications platform to ensure you can get the medical guidance you need regarding your HRT regimen when you need it. There is no waiting on appointments weeks away just to get basic guidance, or sitting through unexpected side effects without help while waiting to travel to an office. We’re available to help, and we’re just a call away.

For all of your HRT needs, contact Balanced Hormone Health, today.

BHH currently provides telehealth services to all states except for: California, Hawaii, Alaska and US territories.

Please start by completing our intake form (under the form tab) or reach out to the main office at 515-587-8649 or email to get more information or for assistance with getting started. Once the forms are completed we will reach out via text message within 24 hours (Monday – Friday) with the next step. Please reach out with any questions PRIOR to completing our intake forms.

Prior to your appointment time you will receive a link via text message, you will be able to click on that HIPAA secure link to access your video call. We recommend you take your call in a quiet, private location, and silent your incoming notification for best experience.

No labs are required for our weight loss program. All clients interested in hormone replacement therapy will be required to have labs prior to your virtual consultation. BHH can easily assist you with getting blood work completed at very affordable prices!

The address you put on your intake form will be your shipping address. If you have a change of address it must be emailed or texted to the office PRIOR to any payment or submission of any products. If the address change is attempted after that we cannot guarantee it can be updated.

BHH recommends that you download the UPS or FedEx app to track shipping, if you are concerned about the delivery location or the time at which the package is to be delivered YOU can reach out the respective carriers to request a pickup at their drop station/distribution center. This can only be adjusted by YOU the recipient of the package. NOT BHH and not the pharmacy.

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